Connecting your Heat Pump to the Smart Life App for Remote Wi-Fi Control

Getting your Wi-Fi enabled heat pump connected to the internet is a short and easy process that should take no more than a few minutes.
Watch our short video tutorial below or read our written tutorial to get connected to the Smart Life app and enjoy easy, remote W-Fi access for your heat pump.

Heat Pump Wi-Fi Video Tutorial (2:23)

Get your FibroPool Heat Pump Connected to Wi-Fi Control in Just 5 Minutes

Connecting your heat pump can be broken down into 8 simple steps. Make sure your heat pump is connected to a power source and that the display

Step 1: Download the Smart Life app

Our Wi-Fi enabled heat pumps connect to the Smart Life app, an industry-leading smart home app with over 1M+ ratings with an average of 4.7 stars. Search "Smart Life" on the App Store or Google Play store to download the app or click one of the buttons below.


Step 2: Accept the user agreement & privacy policy

Accept the Smart Life user agreement and privacy policy to proceed to the next step of creating your account.

Step 3: Create an account or log in

If you have an account already you may log in. If not, press Sign Up to begin creating your account. You will need to enter your email followed by a verification code to finish setting up your account.

Step 4: Accept all requested permissions

The Smart Life app needs access to several systems in order to effectively communicate with your heat pump. When prompted, allow all permissions that it requests access to. These will include location, network, bluetooth, and home data.

Step 5: Press "Add Device"

After accepting permissions, press the add device to enter the pairing screen. Your heat pump will not display until we complete the next step of turning on pairing mode on the unit.

Step 6: Enable pairing mode on the heat pump

To enable pairing mode on your heat pump, hold down the power button and up button at the same time for around 5 seconds. Once the Wi-Fi icon on the display begins to flash, it has entered pairing mode and you can release the buttons.

Step 7: After the heat pump shows up, press "Add" to begin pairing

With your heat pump in pairing mode, the app will detect it and display it under the "Add Devices" section at the top of the screen. Once you see your heat pump, press "Add" to begin the connection process.

Step 8: Log in to your Wi-Fi network when prompted

To pair your heat pump, you will be prompted to log in to your Wi-Fi network. Enter the password associate with the network and press join. The heat pump will now automatically go through the process of connecting to your network and syncing with the app.

Your Heat Pump is now connected

Congratulations. Your heat pump is now connected to the Smart Life app. From the main dashboard you can change your target temperature, change operating modes, and edit timing settings.

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